Revenge of the Chicken

Version: 3.1
Date of Release: 1st of January, 2017.
Genre: Arcade

Infernal beasts, also known as chickens, have escaped from their cage. You must kill them until it's too late. No mercy.
This is a short arcade game in which you must kill as many chickens as you can until you run out of time. But first you free them from their cage, and the more you set free, the more you will be able to kill.

1.0 (01/01/2017) - Initial release.
1.1 (02/01/2017) - New help screen, longer gameplay.
2.0 (27/01/2019) - Improved menu pictures, sprites, backgrounds on all levels. Completely new help and score screens. Changed both sounds at the score screen and fixed the miscalculation in total kill count. Also new icon.

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