Version: 1.3.1
Date of Release: 25th of September, 2017.
Genre: 3D FPS

The Botot-3 space station is under attack! Alien spaceships rushed in without a warning, and the invaders are already inside the station. The rare Konona-Lia-Ov-Pedor batteries, that station uses as energy generators, were stolen, and now the place is out of energy. Your mission is to make it out of the station alive.

1.1 (??/10/17) - Picking up ammo gives you more ammo, same with healthpacks. Shotgun has more ammo.
1.2 (??/10/17) - A new level featuring a new enemy and new walls was added. Exit door texture was changed, ammo and hp edited. Level 1 and 2 improved. New Decorations added.
1.3 (??/10/17) - Another new level! All levels improved. I added lots of new things: sounds, music, sprites, textures, etc... A lot of changes in general!
1.3.1 (??/??18) - Fixed a few glitches

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