Dad's Driving License

Version: 1.3
Date of Release: 20st of January, 2018.
Genre: Adventure/Action

Frank's Dad has to prove that he is in shape to drive to the doctors, but he forgot and got drunk. Only Frank can save the driving license now, and the only way to do that is to find a way to make his father sober again...
But Frank, being not very bright himself, turns his mission into an unpredictable adventure just as he leaves the house.

1.0 (20/01/2018) - Initial Release.
1.1 (01/12/2018) - Updated all 3 drug trip levels: new music, etc.
1.2 (29/01/2018) - Updated the endgame screen.
1.3 (23/07/2019) - Updated the menu screen.

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