Christmas Massacre

Version: 3.1
Date of Release: 30st of September, 2016
Genre: Action

The year is 1999. Santa is hungry for blood, pain and raw human meat.
His elves kidnap people in U.S and send them to the North Pole, where all humans get tortured, killed and eaten. The State of Texas wants you, Shooter, to stop the Christmas Massacre once and for all.
Get your guns ready, a long trip awaits.
20 levels spanning across 3 chapters, 3 bosses, and 7 different weapons available for use.

1.0 (30/09/16) - Initial Release.
1.0.1 (01/10/16) - A small fix.
1.1 (??/11/16) - Compressed some files, fixed a few things. Saves seem to get corrupted at times still.
2.0 (??/04/17) - The game is stable now. Have fun playing! (note: turns out, it is completely broken!)
2.0.1 (21/08/17) - Should be fixed now... fucking hell (note: it still is broken...)
3.0 (??/07/18) - Now it works properly. For real this time! Shop prices were changed, guns were updated. Laser weapons are no longer over powered, and other weapons are a bit better now.
3.1 (??/??/18) - Compressed most of the music, sounds. Fixed some other things.

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