Version: 3.0
Date of Release: 4th of December, 2016
Genre: Arcade

Bloodbath is an endless top-down shooter game. You are put into an arena, where you will be constantly surrounded by enemies of all kinds - demons, maniacs, armed bikers and more. Weapon Crates will appear on the arena frequently, giving you plently of weapons to choose from. Not only that, but there are secondary weapons, such as mines, grenades and knives, and bonus crates. You will also get to fight 3 different bosses, and upon killing one you will be rewarded with their weapon. For how long can you survive this bloodbath? Download the game and find out...

1.0 (04/12/2016) - Initial release. My ludum dare 37 entry.
1.1 (25/12/2016) - A small update, an edited version for my website. Download Version 1.1 (3.05mb)
2.0 (06/11/2017) - New guns, bosses, game redesigned almost completely, it also features new soundtrack and better help menu.
2.1 (??/10/2018) - Fixed saw sound and some other things. Decided to bring back the original music also.
3.0 Gold (24/01/2019) - The final version of the game! Mostly featuring a minor update of the help section. Game's name was also slightly changed, from "The Bloodbath" to simply "Bloodbath". Ranks were updated also.

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