Bastards Fall Into The Void

Version: 3.0.1
Date of Release: 11th of December, 2016
Genre: Arcade

A classic arcade game. Bastards are falling down into the void, you take control of the spiked plank - catch them with it, so they crash ino pieces. Don't let them fall down and avoid rocks - those can break the plank. There are also bonuses that can either help you or make things worse. Also, there are 3 different themes: Classic, Christmas and Halloween one. A classic game mode is also avaialble - it removes all bonuses and additional things that were added after the version 1.1.

1.0 (11/12/16) -Initial Release
1.1 (??/12/16)
2.0 (20/07/17) - 2 new bastards. bonuses & kill count & score rewards added to the game. A christmas theme is now available and the help screen has been improved.
3.0 Gold (10/11/18) - A Halloween theme and a classic mode were added. Now you can select what theme and mode you wish to play with. Changed falling speeds, and now they also get faster as you play. New bonuses were added. The help screen was improved again. There's much more info on this & previous updates in the txt file.
3.0.1 Gold (25/01/19) - Secret rank update! And a minor improvement on the third help screen.

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