Alien Invasion 3: The Final Battle

Version: 2.0
Date of Release: 25h of July, 2016
Genre: Action/Mixed

Mihalich is coming back to Earth to stop the second Alien Invasion. It's time to end the war once and forever. The new alien leader, Hyper Dolbonavt, has created a squad of elite aliens to find and execute Mihalich. Mihalich himself is ready to kill all aliens on his way to victory, and that means... Time has come... for the FINAL BATTLE! 18 levels that end the amazing story of Alien Invasion.

1.0 (25/07/16) - First release. Both russian and english versions available.
2.0 (29/06/18) - Almost 2 years after the release of the original game, it has been completely remade. 20 original levels removed and replaced with 18 fresh and good ones, the story has been improved, etc.

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