Alien Invasion 2: Revenge of the Bastards

Version: 2.1
Date of Release: 17th of June, 2016
Genre: Action/Mixed

After the failed invasion, Mihalich was kidnapped by the aliens and put in a prison on the planet 'Saliva-012'. A brother of Super Dolbonavt, Mega Dolbonavt, became the new alien leader and started a second alien invasion. Is this the end? Definitely not, because Mihalich never gives up. Escape from the alien prison and fight back!
A 20 level long sequel.

1.0 (17/06/16) - First release. Both russian and english versions available.
1.1 (28/07/16) - A small update, a few sprites changed.
1.2 (16/11/16) - A big update, tons of stuff edited, changed, fixed. Now there is also a language selection screen.
1.2.1 (25/12/16) - Sounds are now a part of the .exe file. Now the game does not need to be installed.
2.0 (??/02/17) - Backgrounds and text updated.
2.1 (??/06/18) - A small update. Many different small things are fixed and improved.

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