Alien Invasion

Version: 3.1
Date of Release: 4th of June, 2016
Genre: Action/Mixed

In the Year 2015, alien bastards used solar power to get onto the planet Earth. They landed in an unknown russian village and started to build their secret bases. However, a local alcoholic Mihalich noticed their presence and decided to fight off the invasion. But to get rid of them, he will have to destroy the A-SS Communications Network, which is located in one of their secret bases.
16 Levels of action.

1.0 (04/06/16)- Initial release. 12 levels. Only a russian version available.
1.1 (09/06/16) Top-down style levels fixed, 4 new levels added. English version is now available also.
1.1.2 (13/06/16) - Final boss updated a little.
1.2 (28/07/16) - A big update, a lot of sprites changed, bugs fixed.
2.0 (16/11/16) - Another big update, tons of stuff edited, changed, fixed. Now there is also a language selection screen.
2.1 (24/12/16) - Sounds are now a part of the .exe file. Now the game does not need to be installed.
3.0 (??/02/17) - Save system is removed and most of the previously removed things are back.
3.1 (??/06/18) - A small update. Many different small things are fixed and improved.

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