Dad's Driving License

20th of January 2018

Frank's Dad forgot that the doctors will come and check whether he's in shape to drive. He's already drunk, and Frank is on his way to the pharmacy to get something to make his dad sober... A bizarre adventure that turns upside down and goes wrong from the very beginning.

25th of September 2017

Botot-3 space station is under attack. Alien spaceships rushed in without a warning.The Konona-Lia-Ov-Pedor batteries, used as energy generators by the station, has been stolen, and the building is out of energy now. You must make it out alive from Botot-3.
Revenge of the Chicken

1st of January 2017

Infernal beasts, also known as chickens, have escaped from their cage. You must kill them with your pitchfork until it's too late. No mercy.
Bastards Fall Into The Void

11th of December 2016

A classic arcade game. Bastards are falling down the void, but don't let them pass though - kill them with your spiked plank, but avoid the rocks, cause they will break it. Also features a few themes, modes and bonuses.

4th of December 2016

An endless top-down shooter featuring tons of different weapons, enemies, bosses and bonuses, and all of this in just one arena, which immediately turns into a bloodbath!
The Room 426

5th of November 2016

Mr.Bean is back at his favorite hotel. And as always, he's going to to stir things up a little...
Use whatever you can - ketchup, fire extinguisher and more to annoy other people in the hotel. But be careful, as it seems like you're no longer welcome there!

29th of October 2016

Junkman is thirsty for some beer...
Go out and explore different places in search for it, but beware of the monsters who will try to stop you on your way...
Christmas Massacre

30st of September 2016

It's almost christmas of 1999, and Santa is hungry for pain, blood and raw human meat. His elves have kidnapped people in the U.S, and sent them to the North Pole to be tortured and eaten. The State of Texas has sent out a man named Shooter to the North Pole to end this Christmas Massacre once and for all.
Alien Invasion 3: The Final Battle

25th of July 2016

Mihalich has returned to Earth. The last surviving aliens have taken over the village during the second invasion, and an elite squad was formed to execute our hero. Hyper Dolbonavt, the youngest of the three and the only one alive, is in charge of all this. It's time to exterminate the remaining aliens. It's time... for the final battle!
Alien Invasion 2: Revenge of the Bastards

17th of June 2016

After the failed alien invasion, a new alien leader sent out aliens to kidnap Mihalich. He was put into an alien prison on planet 'Saliva-012'. A second alien invasion has begun, and Mihalich is too far away from Earth to stop it... But he never gives up. Escape from the alien prison and fight back!
Alien Invasion

4th of June 2016

In 2015, aliens used solar power to get onto the planet earth. But as they began to build their bases in an unknown russian village, a local alcoholic noticed them and decided to stop the invasion.