Doom Wads

Nukage Refinery Plant (NUKREFP.WAD)

??/08/2017 | 3 Maps + 1 Custom Weapon | Doom 2 | UDMF Format
A Nukage Refinery Plant has been taken over by demons, and your mission is to get rid of them. Most work for this wad was done in late july/august of 2017, but i only made it available now, in june of 2019, after fixing a few thing, removing a bunch of custom stuff i added for no real reason and finishing a map 2. I wanted to have many maps in this wad, but since i didn't make more than 2 initially, i'll just keep it this way. The map design features too many small rooms and hallways, all in all it's closer to my previous wad, UNDER.WAD, rather than to anything i'm gonna release next.

The Underground (UNDER.WAD)

??/08/2015 | 3 Maps | Doom 2 | Doom 2 Format
Mars City Underground has been under a demonic invasion, and you've been sent there to eliminate all of the monsters. My first doom wad, featuring strange map design choices.