Games that Never Came to Be

In this article i will mainly discuss late 2016, the golden era of our games, very few games from other years will be featured.
I will talk about games that i tried to make, but decided not to finish them for some reason. Game ideas that weren't implemented in any way won't be mentioned.
And also, i've lost most of these, so i ain't able to provide screenshots for some of the games


August 2016

After i was done with the Alien Invasion Series, i wanted to make something fresh and new, and thought of making a space shooter. But i still didn't have enough knowledge for that, so this went nowhere.

New Fun Game

August 2016

And so, i switched to this game. The idea was to make a "Revenge of the Sunfish" ripoff. Don't EVER try to do that, as your game will probably suck badly. While i was working on it, one of the locations, the north pole (featuring a spider-like Santa and lots of elves, covered in blood) inspired me to make a Christmas themed game.
I instantly abandoned this abomination and went on to work on "Christmas Massacre"...


August 2016

But "Christmas Massacre" required hard work (and knowledge that i didn't have, that's why the game didn't turn out to be what i wanted it to be), so after a week or so, i decided to work on something else. This time it was a "Chef le Puke" ripoff. Not knowing what exactly i want to do, i just went back to work on "Christmas Massacre".

Homeland Security

September 2016 (Late August? Early October?)

How the fuck did i manage to lose the files to this game? Fucking Hell Using sprites from "WISDOM" i created a prototype for a game where you have to defend your country or city.. or something, but in the game itself it was a castle with a recoloured confederate flag. You would have to shoot rockets and build defenses, so maybe this is a Tower Defense of some sort? I don't know, i never finished it - for unknown reasons. I would return to this game in late spring of 2017, but nothing came out of that either.

Fish War

November 2016

A game, in which you collect fish food (or coins?) and attack other fish. Weapons would be strapped to the body of the fish, from just guns to sharp bayonet blades. I was experimenting with different ideas at the time, so that's probably why it never came out. Also i was sick and didn't really have the energy to put lots of work into games at that time.

Bartender Madness

Late November 2016

The idea here was that you would have to deliver drinks and cocktails on time or something, by throwing them directly at the table of the people who placed the order. A guy online suggested this idea to me when i was bored, and i guess i got stuff to do very quickly, as there was little work done and the game ended up being forgotten. I was thinking of actually making this game in january of 2019, but oh well that time was really not good for game making.

Red Planet Game

Early December 2016 (Late November?)

Some kinda hybrid of Shawn64's "Infection" and Junkmax's "Planet of Cartmans". First use of bone movement in my games ever also (Junkman had animations in game #1).

Junkman in the Shittown

Early December 2016 (November?)

A raw menu and one of the places in the town Imagine "Junkman", but digital and with color, featuring characters i created way before junkman. You had to get missions from the locals in the town. Also the rifle shoots in an interesting way. Really wish i finished this one! I think i stopped working when i got troubles with enemies & their bone movement. Oh well. By the way, i would definitely change the name of this game if i were to finish it.


December 2016

First picture shows the stage selection screen, second picture is level 1 of planet 1 (Under kubus influence) This game idea originally comes from 2008-2009. Then i came up with a movie about the same cat (or something?) idea and that's where the name comes from. Sadly i got badly obsessed with kubus by that time and could not produce it in the right way. I abandoned it, and later, in may 2017, i removed the unfinished stages and just released it as it is under the name "Cocktail: The Asteroid Mission". But it sucked badly, so i took it down eventually.

Mr.Bean VS Scatman

July 2017

Episode 1 is The Room 426, this is Episode 2 - In the City. 8 episodes in total. The Room 426 is a nice game, and so i thought that it would be good to turn it into an episode of a greater, bigger game. With an insane storyline, as always! I forgot about it, then did some work in late 2018, but all in all, it remained abandoned.

Вторжение Арнольда | Arnold's Invasion

August 2017

Enemy on the far left is attacking, the other one is chasing me. The laser gun was my attempt at drawing a gun from a first person perspective A 3D shooter. The story is similar to Alien Invasion, kinda - Arnold Schwarzenegger clones invade earth and the real Arnold kicks their ass. Unfinished because the engine i used sucked dick, i hope that one day this one will come out...

Junkman 3

September 2017

Looks like this game was abandoned very early. One of those games that i'm glad i didn't make. My first mistake was releasing "Junkman 2" (a dull game barely different from original Junkman) instead of "Junkman in the Shittown". Junkman 3 would have been nothing more but yet another dull game with no new things to show. I did have some new features in mind, some of them were later implimented in "Dad's Driving License".

Revenge of the Chicken 2: Defenders of the Toilet Cabin

December 2017 (Late November?)

There's only the main menu in this game, but it looks pretty badass! A sequel, but this time instead of simply being an arcade minigame (which it initially was), it would have a storyline, different levels, etc. Had no idea what to make so i just made nothing.

In memory of the greatness... I wish some of these games were done, and thus, if i return to game creation, maybe i will resurrect some of these.. or maybe i will not, who knows...

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