Removing Unwanted Applications Guide


I have only used dropbox once. It was in 2016. I registered and found out you have to have a program installed on your computer to upload files. I tried it, it sucked and i got rid of it.
So why after all these years i still have a dropbox service process running?
Well.. most likely because they either screwed up the uninstaller or it was done on purpose...

So here's the deal: Dropbox leaves it's services (dbxsvc.exe) running on your computer after deletion. If you found out you have the service running (look up in the task manager), you might aswell want to terminate it.

Removal Guide:
Open up cmd.exe as administrator
Then, use these commands:
sc stop dbxsvc
sc delete dbxsvc

The process will at first be stopped, and then removed. Lessons learned - Use mediafire.

There will be more to come..
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