This is an archive of all my creations released under the name "Asteroid2000" throughout second half of 2016. There are also additional games that were released later than that, added as a bonus. The design of this archive is pretty much identical to the one i had on the original asteroid2k site in november when it was made, and all the way until january.
Althrough, there are some changes & improvements: the "Games" page is done in a different way, and all individual pages for games are unique now. "Pictures" page used to be called "Art" and had 3 or so pictures on it. "Articles" were listed on the "Other Stuff" page, later they got their own one called "Posts". There was no "doom wads" page until late January. About page obviously has different text on it. The "Hall of Fame" isn't available right now, but it will be at some point. Search engine that was packed with the basic google site shit is not available here either. "Links" and "Music" pages aren't available, and i don't promise that they will be. There are archived screenshots of the original site in the gallery, you can compare them with the current design if you're interested.

The short-lived greatness of Asteroid2000 will never be forgotten.