Monthly Report - October

posted 29th of Oct, 2019, 10:02 PM by Asteroid 2000

I'm back here with a monthly report. I drew some pictures, and also added new stuff to the Frontline.

Exactly 3 years ago, on this day today, "Junkman" was released. It's been a while...
I miss the good old days. It definitely was a golden time back then.

Monthly Report - September

posted 3rd of Oct, 2019, 8:50 PM by Asteroid 2000

One thing i remember i did was that the "Music & SFX" page was removed and it's contents moved to "Other Stuff". Additionally, i probably wrote an article or two. Perhaps there were more changes, but i really don't remember.
During the month i worked on a new game a little, it is called "Giga Shahh" and is a space shooter, similar to Astrobatics. You have two slots for weapons, and there are 5 types of weapons (each can be mounted in both slots if you own 2). Also it was supposed to have new things i haven't ever implemented in games - Bonus levels, secret codes, etc.

I stopped working on it 2 weeks ago after it just got too boring for me to deal with all the mess in it. Initially i thought that i will make a one level demo, which will determine whether the game is worth making or not, but that never happened. I'm not planning to work on anything else as of now, but i really wish that there would be new games on this site, and new content in general.
I've also been thinking about the design here... It is very nostalgic, but myself from those old days would disapprove of what i did here, since on classic google sites you don't have that much control of your site's appearance (and none whatsoever in the new sites, did you know?), me from those days would much rather make something more interesting, if given total control.
But is there any point? If this was supposed to be an archive from day 1, why turn it upside down for no real reason? I'll keep it as it is, but in case one day there will be a resurrection of some sort.. i will be ready to make something much better.
That's about it for now... And remember, i'll be checking back with you later...

Working Hard

posted 21st of Aug, 2019, 2:36 PM by Asteroid 2000

Over the last 2 weeks i have added some new stuff..
I made a collection of sounds which is available on a new "Music & SFX" page.
"Other Stuff" is back, it has a bunch of links. From there you can also get to other sections of the site:
"Frontline OnLine" (a collection of pictures from my attacks on yahoo answers and other sites, i update this page frequently),
"Freeware Archive" (still very raw, it will feature lost and forgotten freeware games, and also my favorite games from 2000s) and "Hall of Fame" (yes, i brought it back, and now it's much better).
All old interviews and important writings have been brought back to the "Articles" page, and now i will be putting up new stuff on there...
As for the rest, i fixed a few mistakes on the games page and some other ones.

I'm Still Here Motherfuckers

posted 5th of Aug, 2019, 11:49 PM by Asteroid 2000

Howdy stranger. I decided to put together a website that would look like my old one, for archival purposes obviously. If there will be any new content available, i'll put it here too, just as i did with the new doom wad. I've had this stuff ready since July 25th i think, but didn't know what to do with the other site i had there so i terminated it. I may enhance this design so it looks better, it was very simple only because of google site limits, and reinforcing them has no real meaning, except nostalgia of course.

Angel fuckin Witch!
I may be still alive, but Asteroid2000 is long gone and dead. I do have lots of game ideas and other stuff written down, but i am too lazy to work on anything now, my eyes no longer want to endure my shit and are constantly tired if i use the computer, and etc. Every time i announce a "resurrection" a site dies within the same day, so i no longer really give a damn. This is an archive. However, there are additional pages (maybe even sections separate from asteroid2k) that i wanna have here, and i promise that once in a while i'll put somethin up. I have a few ideas for articles too...
I've listed all differences of this site from the original one on the "About" page, plus there are screenshots on the "Pictures" page if you wish to compare.
Most, if not all games have been updated 12,278 times, some of them even during the making of this site! So check the pages for newer versions.
What else.. well, not sure. Should be all of it. I will only write new repots when there's enough new stuff to cover and such, so even if there's no new repots here, check the site, i may have added somethin...
Have fun while ya still can..

Junkman is back!

posted 8th of Dec, 2016, 11:43 AM by Asteroid 2000

I'm not sure how this game will be called, but the gameplay will be way better than in the first Junkman game.
Keep in mind that this is NOT a sequel.
I'm going to try to add quests and other stuff.
Also, Junkman will have more rifles this time!
Here's a screenshot:

Something special for christmas!

posted 26th of Nov, 2016, 10:47 PM by Asteroid 2000

Just wait for it!